Monday, January 18, 2021

BATMAN-ALMOST GOT 'IM Original Comic Art! Rare Roughs and Pencils!

I had so much fun working on this wonderful little custom comic (that was included in a now-classic book and tape set), adapting the famed "Almost Got 'im" episode of BATMAN-THE ANIMATED SERIES! 

Here are a few pages of my rough pencils for the book, featuring not only the Caped Crusader, but also Killer Croc, Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Two-Face, and, of course, Harley Quinn (in what's arguably her first comic book appearance)!

Click each image to enlarge!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

More Rare MONKEES Artwork!

 HEY HEY! Below are a few pieces of Monkees art done for sketchcards, fanzines, holiday cards, and so much more! Click each to enlarge! See more here!

Monday, November 30, 2020


 Here is a fabulous fistful of even more rare images from my pencilled artwork for the DC NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES style guide, all created during the late 90s! Click images below to enlarge!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

PHOEBE NYX Custom Burlesque Art! Green Ukuleles! Stickers!

Here is a fun project for a local friend who performs under the nifty nom de plume of Phoebe Nyx! She's a very talented and sassy retro singer, dancer, and musician, who wanted to create some eye-catching calling-card branding for her character and line! We worked tirelessly on a pose that captured Phoebe's charm, playfulness, and her trademark ukulele! Click image below to enlarge!

Below: Performer Phoebe Nyx, known for her lime-green 
outfits and equally-tinted ukulele!

Below: Trying to come up with a pose and (more importantly) an attitude 
that matches this playful performer!

Below: Refining the pose in pencil, as well as starting work on
the facial caricature!

Below: After much tweaking, we have the final inked face! Look at that smile!

Below: The fully-refined penciled figure is ready to be inked!

Below: The inked figure, with added brackets and details!

Below: The finished illustration, with coloring, and added logo!

Below: A stand-alone illo of "Elphie," Phoebe's famed uke!

Below: The finished stickers! Phoebe will give these away at shows and events,
as a sort of colorful and collectible "business card!"

Below two images: It's Phoebe herself, with the finished sensational stickers!

Find out more about Phoebe Nyx on Instagram (right here), on Facebook here, or at her very own website (click here)!

Monday, June 15, 2020

More Unearthed POWER RANGERS Art Rarities! Hamilton Comics!

Back again with another look at more rare POWER RANGERS hidden goodies from the vault! Click images to enlarge!

Below five images: Here are some pencil samples I created, to attract the attention of the folks at Hamilton Comics, then producing the first-ever POWER RANGER comic books! I wanted to show that I could capture not only the superhero action, but the actor likenesses! I got the job! 

BELOW: Some rough design ideas, for cover art to the POWER RANGERS comics from Hamilton!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Rare CRO Artwork! CTW Fun!

Here are some fun images from my work on CRO educational material for the fine folks at the Children's Television Workshop! Lots of roughed pages for CRO comic books, posters, and other items! Click images below to enlarge!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

THE INTRUDERS! Unseen 1990 Artwork! Special Guest--George Perez!

Here are some unseen pages from a wonderful (but unpublished) comics series I pencilled, from 1990, THE INTRUDERS! Imagine ASTRO CITY (we were years earlier) mixed with PULP FICTION (we were years earlier), and you've got a pretty good idea of the tone of this gritty superhero series, thick with past continuity, mystery, and intrigue! Click images to enlarge!

Below three images: Some exciting pages from what was to be the first issue, with inks by Dan Schaefer!

Below two images: Some pencilled pages from the unpublished third issue of THE INTRUDERS, with plots and scripts by Ed Fuqua!

Below: That's right! George Perez drew (what was to be) the cover for our first issue! It was a real kick seeing how such a master comics artist depicted characters I designed and co-created!

Below: The art used for an ad in a 1990 issue of COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE!

Below: Me, circa 1990, at the drawing board! Note the CBG ad posted behind me!