Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here Come the WILDCATS! School Mascot Superhero Designs!

Here are some fun character designs for a high school in central Flordia! The school has used "the Wildcats" as their mascots for years, and wanted a male and female superhero team designed, using only that name in mind! Of course, it was difficult to not rely on the established DC Comics "Wildcat" character, so I leaned more toward a "panther" direction in their creation!  In addition to the usual "superhero" look, I added more fur on the outfits, capes, tails, and claws for both the hands and feet! Of course, the school's (Wesley Chapel High) specially-designed "logo" appears on their outfits, as per any self-respecting superhero! Click below to enlarge the pencil rough designs, as well as the finished inked versions!

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