Sunday, December 28, 2014

2005 Romance Comics Story!

Here is an interesting bit of work, culled from a 2005 comics story, created for an online romance comics firm, who presented the pages in an "online novel" format (hence the horizontal orientation)! The actual tale ran about 20 pages, but here are some select boards from the story, all about a shy tech-savvy "geek" who never appreciated the wonderful gal right in front of him! But, all ends well for both of the star-crossed lovers! Click each image to enlarge!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tugg! The Comic Book! On TV's RACHAEL RAY SHOW!

Check out this nice segment from the RACHAEL RAY SHOW, spotlighting the terrific TUGG comic book, Tugg himself, and his (and his master's) animal rescue efforts surrounding it! My colossal cover art is featured throughout! Click below to watch!

Below: After being approached to provide the cover for this charity comic book (one created to fund Tugg's animal rescue efforts), I turned in these pencils, featuring an homage to an early 70s's SUPERMAN cover by Neal Adams (inset)! 

Below: The inked version of the cover! I remembered to add a tail for Tugg!

Below: The final cover! What happened to Tugg's tail? Wanna learn more about Tugg's mission? Just click here!

Below: Me, showing off the terrific TUGG t-shirt! Note how the mysterious tail has returned!

Below: I finally meet Tugg, and his daddy! At the 2016 Fayetteville Comiccon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DC Comics Christmas Ornament Designs! Batman! Wonder Woman! Superman!

Here are some rough product concept sketches for some superhero-themed Christmas ornaments! The idea was to create several fun design ideas that also incorporated the character's powers, friends, foes, and props! These were very quick color comps, commissioned by the Hallmark and DC Comics folks! Click images below to enlarge! See more here!

Friday, October 17, 2014

More Color Portraits and Caricatures!

Here's another "just because" project I did for some old friends, as a surprise! I used pics of this happy couple, then worked up an inked drawing, scanned and printed that artwork onto sturdy art board, then used watercolors to complete the portrait! They were very pleased and surprised to receive the illustrations! Lots fun! Click below to enlarge!

Below: The inked illustration, ready for colors

 Below: The finished watercolored portrait!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Supergirl! New Original Art Commission!

Here's yet another fun recent fan commission! It's Supergirl! I wanted to create a powerful flowing pose, but with a slight "manga" flavor...Click images below to enlarge!

Below: My loose rough pencil sketch, drawn at a relatively tiny 4x6 inch size!

Below: My finished ink (on smooth bristol board) sketch!

Roy and Brenda! Two Fun Watercolor Caricatures!

Here are two recent watercolor portrait/caricatures I did just for fun! I had already been commissioned by these friends to create two color images of them (with their beloved dog), and used a technique involving hand-drawing mixed with computer color. They were very happy with the results, but I wanted to re-focus on the caricatures, this time using only hand-drawn techniques! Click to enlarge each step below!

Below two images: The original hand-drawn/computer colored caricatures...

Below two images: The two pieces, hand-inked, with 
watercolor and colored pencil applications!

Below two images: I added a custom hand-cut mat board...

Below: Matted and framed! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Amazing SPIDER-MAN! 60s-Style Marvel Comics Artwork!

Another colorful illo, done just for fun! Click images to enlarge and enjoy!

Below: I took a fabulous early-70s pencil sketch (left) of Spider-Man, as drawn by John Romita, Sr. (Marvel Comics' main Spidey artist of the period), and inked over it (right), trying to retain that slick and exciting "Romita feel!"

Below: I added gradated pencil shading to a copy of the inked art...

Below: Taking the b/w art into Photoshop, I added color tones atop, creating this unique Spider-Man image!