Friday, September 14, 2012

The Making of the 2012 WONDER WOMAN Charity Illustration! DC Comics!

I once again wanted to produce something for the terrific WONDER WOMAN DAY charity auction, so I set about sketching up some ideas to get started! I wanted to do something a bit more abstract, and maybe incorporate a cape in order to get more blue into the design (the Wonder Woman outfit has very little blue in it)...Click below to enlarge my first initial rough pencil sketches!

Below: Getting the powerful (but graceful) figure to where I wanted it! I modified portions of her outfit to better accentuate the flow of the figure and pose!

Below: The final inked version, ready for color! 

Below: The computer-colored finished illo! I subbed in a simpler, computer-rendered version of 70s WW actress Lynda Carter's face, making the character appear softer and more interesting...I also added bits of white reflection to her body, in order to tie parts of the figure and outfit together...

Want to bid on the art and print, and help out a great charity? Just click here!

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