Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spider-Man and Friend! 2013 Color Commission!

Here was a fun recent commission! An acquaintance on FaceBook wanted a unique gift for a friend who was a major Spidey fan, and, once she sent a few pics of said friend, I whipped up this colorful original piece! Click below to enlarge each step!

Below: My initial pencil sketch to get started! I wanted the gal to be the main subject of the piece, with Spidey doing a friendly "fly-by!"

Below: The final inked version! I adjusted Spider-Man's anatomy, and slimmed down the gal a bit...

Below: The finished color print, which I delivered with the b/w illustration! I tried to keep things simple and striking, with an eye toward using color to bring the gal's drawn likeness even closer to its real-life counterpart!

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