Thursday, May 9, 2013

Batman's Harley Quinn! A Very Special Commission!

A pal of mine recently came to me with an idea for a very special commission! He wanted me to create a custom image of Harley Quinn, the Joker's gun moll! However, he wanted to see HQ invading his daughter's school grounds, painting up a rock with some special birthday messages for her! After the work was completed, my pal would then paint the actual "message rock" to match the graphics seen in my artwork! Click below to enlarge each image! 

Below: Starting out, with this rough pencil sketch pose!

Below: More elements are roughed in, Harley's pose is modified...

Below: More detail added to both Harley and the "message rock!"

Below: My final pencils, adding text to the rock, as well as Harley's costume details, etc..

Below: My final inked drawing, with added background, including the main portion of the school building!

Below: The final, Photoshop-colored version!

Below: Harley strikes again! The "real life" painted rock!

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