Monday, August 6, 2018

TAO BOY AND ENGINE! The Cover Roughs!

The most fun I've had in comics! Drawing three issues of TAO BOY AND ENGINE (written by the talented Bret Bernal) was a real blast, as the fantasy tale involved wonderful characters, imaginative settings, and crazy creatures! It also pushed my artistic boundaries, as any challenging assignment should! Here are a bunch of my sketches done in preparation for creating the captivating covers for the three-issue epic! Click below to enlarge!

Below: The finished cover to TAO BOY #2! 

Below: Rough thumbnail sketched ideas
for the cover, all spotlighting the 
imprisoned Tao Boy, and his
dismantled robot partner.

Below: Zeroing in on the final cover idea,
in this rough ink sketch!

Below: More detailed pencils, as I 
get closer to the final, finished cover!

Below: A separate drawing, uncluttered
by other details, in order to fully develop the

Below: The finished cover to TAO BOY #3!

Below: Cover sketch ideas for #3, all emphasizing
the final struggle between the lead character and his 
power-hungry evil foe!

Want to read the three-issue TAO BOY comic? Just click here or here!

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