Saturday, May 30, 2020

THE INTRUDERS! Unseen 1990 Artwork! Special Guest--George Perez!

Here are some unseen pages from a wonderful (but unpublished) comics series I pencilled, from 1990, THE INTRUDERS! Imagine ASTRO CITY (we were years earlier) mixed with PULP FICTION (we were years earlier), and you've got a pretty good idea of the tone of this gritty superhero series, thick with past continuity, mystery, and intrigue! Click images to enlarge!

Below three images: Some exciting pages from what was to be the first issue, with inks by Dan Schaefer!

Below two images: Some pencilled pages from the unpublished third issue of THE INTRUDERS, with plots and scripts by Ed Fuqua!

Below: That's right! George Perez drew (what was to be) the cover for our first issue! It was a real kick seeing how such a master comics artist depicted characters I designed and co-created!

Below: The art used for an ad in a 1990 issue of COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE!

Below: Me, circa 1990, at the drawing board! Note the CBG ad posted behind me!

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