Saturday, June 27, 2020

PHOEBE NYX Custom Burlesque Art! Green Ukuleles! Stickers!

Here is a fun project for a local friend who performs under the nifty nom de plume of Phoebe Nyx! She's a very talented and sassy retro singer, dancer, and musician, who wanted to create some eye-catching calling-card branding for her character and line! We worked tirelessly on a pose that captured Phoebe's charm, playfulness, and her trademark ukulele! Click image below to enlarge!

Below: Performer Phoebe Nyx, known for her lime-green 
outfits and equally-tinted ukulele!

Below: Trying to come up with a pose and (more importantly) an attitude 
that matches this playful performer!

Below: Refining the pose in pencil, as well as starting work on
the facial caricature!

Below: After much tweaking, we have the final inked face! Look at that smile!

Below: The fully-refined penciled figure is ready to be inked!

Below: The inked figure, with added brackets and details!

Below: The finished illustration, with coloring, and added logo!

Below: A stand-alone illo of "Elphie," Phoebe's famed uke!

Below: The finished stickers! Phoebe will give these away at shows and events,
as a sort of colorful and collectible "business card!"

Below two images: It's Phoebe herself, with the finished sensational stickers!

Find out more about Phoebe Nyx on Instagram (right here), on Facebook here, or at her very own website (click here)!

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