Monday, July 4, 2011

Look Out! Here Comes--BATBOY & RUBIN?! MAD-Inspired Art!

Inspired by a recent episode of the fabulous new Batman animated cartoon, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, here is my own take on that parody of the Dynamic Duo, BATBOY & RUBIN! The cartoon producers, of course, based their version on the fabulous and memorable 1950s MAD magazine BATMAN spoof, drawn then by Wally Wood. I tried to not only get a Wood feel to this, but also a sort of "busy and bruised" look, almost along the lines of a "Big Daddy" Ed Roth car-and-cycle-centric cartoon from the 60s! Whew! How many more influences could I have jammed in?! Click to enlarge each image below, as I take you through a step-by-step creation process!

Below: My original starting roughs and sketches, trying to get a proper spoofy feel! I had a devil of a time getting the right look for Batboy's head, tricycle, and expression!

Below: The final b/w inked illustration of the dysfunctional duo!

Below: I added pencilled gray tones, on a separate overlay, then merged the two layers in Photoshop!

Below: The final, computer-colored image! I added a proper BRAVE AND THE BOLD-styled explosion for the background!

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