Friday, August 26, 2011

Robin vs The Joker! Fan Commission from Start to Finish!

A great and fun commission for an overseas fan! He wanted to see the 70s-era Robin, caught in a then-ubiquitous death trap, as laid by the evil Batman foe, the Joker! Click images below to enlarge!

Below: My original rough layout! The Joker has Robin trapped in a gigantic custom "action figure" toy package! Robin struggles to free himself, as the Joker lowers the trap using a huge "grabber claw," as if plucked from a "pick-a-toy machine!" Note my different sketches and ideas for the Robin figure!

Below: More sketches for Robin, picturing him still bound by those endless twist-ties that come with real toys in their packages!

Below: I then wasn't happy with the Joker pose, and wanted a more "open" display from the character...Also chose the "struggling" figure of Robin.."

Below: In order to get the lettering just right, in the proper perspective, I scanned the pencils, and laid in the text using PhotoShop, warping all text into the proper perspective! ...This allowed me to trace the lettering off onto the final inked piece...I even included the 50s "Robin" comic book logo!

Below: The final, inked piece! Click images to enlarge!

Below: With computer colors added!

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