Saturday, March 17, 2012

HUMAN TORCH Commission! The Making of a Color Illustration!

A while back, I was commissioned by a fan to create a color illustration of the Fantastic Four's own combustible kid, the HUMAN TORCH! I knew I wanted to show the Torch in action, but what about creating a full scene that could also make for an interesting composition and background? I wanted to use an obscure villain, Tomazooma, a colorful (and oversized) foe who appeared in a 1968 FF issue! I was now off and running! Click all images to enlarge!

Below:The rough pencil sketch of the Torch, working out his flying pose and expression...

Below: Work begins on the background, as well as roughing out the overall composition and relationship of the figures!

Below: Zeroing in on the final layout! After scanning in my pencil roughs, I moved, cut/pasted, flipped, and composed much of the design in Photoshop, even roughing in the "fire burst"and direction the Torch will take in the final art! I also liked how this final composition created a great sense of depth! 

Below:The final color illustration, finished in marker and ink!

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