Friday, November 2, 2012

1940s "Golden Age" Batman Sketch! DC Comics!

For this one, I was inspired by images from the first BATMAN stories, published in the late 1930s! Batman was first presented as a sleek, lithe, and "bare-bones" kinda character then, with a simple costume that was soon to evolve...

Below: The first apearance of "The Bat-Man," in a 1939 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS!

I also wanted a simple stance for the character, based on the panel above, so I stared doodling, as you can see in the sketches below:

Below: The final pencils, ready for transfer to the board! I looked at the simple style of Batman's "hood," the odd angle of the ears, the early utility belt, incorporating all...

Below: The final inks, with the border and shadows added to the background...I wanted to use some kind of logo in the composition, and chose a modified 1966 BATMAN TV show logo! It was simple, stark, bold, and had the most drama!

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