Thursday, October 4, 2012

The SHADOW Knows! The Making of a Fan Commission Piece! 2012 Artwork!

Here is a great and fun commission from an overseas SHADOW fan! He wanted something mysterious, but action-filled, with all the Shadow trademarks (cape, scarf, slouch hat, etc...), including a dramatic close-up of the 1930s pulp magazine hero! Click each image to enlarge each of my steps!

Below: My starting doodles, trying to zero in on exactly what I wanted. You can see the hashed-out facial close-up below the figure...

Below: Getting closer, with the main figure and outfit much more developed, and the idea of the close-up on the right now in place...

Below: The finished close-up put in place (after being flopped), via Photoshop! Now to figure out how the cape and scarf will be arranged behind the figure, and how they'll frame the face...

Below: The final pencils, ready to be transferred to bristol board and inked! Still had yet to finalize Shadow's famous weapons!

Below: The final inked illo! I wanted the cape and scarf, along with the cape trim, to come together and create a swirling mass, one where it would be hard to tell what was what, as they coalesced to form the positive and negative space around the facial close-up on the right! Almost forgot Shadow's famous ring!

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