Friday, January 22, 2016

BATMAN-THE ANIMATED SERIES! More Rare Artwork and Designs!

Here, direct from my voluminous vaults, are more rare images from my work with the 90s BATMAN-THE ANIMATED SERIES properties! Click each to enlarge!

Below: The original cover art for a BATMAN "Mark and See" coloring book!
Notice how the publishing firm reversed the image, and substituted the loom-
ing visage of Killer Croc with an insidious image of the Joker? I wonder where 
they cribbed that Joker image…

Below: That's where that Joker artwork came from! Here 
is a style guide piece that spotlights the daring Dynamic Duo, 
doing their best to thwart an oversized death trap!

Below: Batman makes a leap from his own speeding 
Batmobile, to get the goods on some escaping thugs! I 
love the sense of motion and skewed perspective I was
able to achieve with this one!  A portion of the art was 
even used for the cover of the premiere BATMAN-THE 
ANIMATED SERIES DVD set, as well as a toy racing set!

Below: DC comics was being told that manufacturers wanted more
images of Batman and Robin together, and this was part of answering
that call! Again, lowering the viewer's perspective made for
an exciting layout, one that gets to include the Batmobile, too! 
This design was used for trading cards, package art, even

Below: The original art for a dramatic scene of Robin and 
Batman, just as they complete the capture of their two greatest 
foes! Not sure where this art was re-purposed…T-shirts? 
Posters? Puzzles?

Below: Speaking of puzzles, here are my pencil roughs for a 
series of kid's puzzles that were tied into the 1997 BATMAN & ROBIN 
live-action film! It was interesting trying to depict the movie's 
stars in the "animated style!"