Saturday, April 30, 2016

Batwoman! A Limited-Color Illustration! Step-By-Step!

Here's a fun illustration I took on recently! Even tho I don't read the new BATWOMAN comics (or any current comics, really), I love the look and costume design of this bold DC Comics crime-fighter! I'm also a sucker for red-and-black used together in any way (on costumes, clothing, vehicles, design), so I just had to see if I could come up with a unique look for this unique character…Click each image below to enlarge! 

Below: This photo really caught my eye! That black 
and red (with no competition from any other 
colors) is just wonderful! This is cosplayer 
Cami Roebuck as Batwoman!

Below: My original quick pencil sketch, trying to 
capture the exactly pose and composition I 
envisioned for this illustration...

Below: A more refined pencil sketch, working with 
symmetry and very graphic design elements...

Below: The final inked artwork!

Below: Adding a bit of texture and atmosphere to the illustration...

Below, Working with the image in black and white, to 
gauge value and contrast, before adding actual color...

Below: Playing with adding the single color (on many b/w 
copies of the art), but how much? Where? Just 
the figure? The background? Both?

Below: Still playing with the color, and finally 
zeroing in on its final placement!

Below: The final, colored, finished artwork!

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