Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 Superhero Library Card! Exercise Your Mind!

Back again with yet another superhero-themed library card (see past card designs here)! The same North Carolina library system tasked me with creating this year's captivating card, and here it is! Click below to see its creation, in a sensational step-by-step process!

Below three images: Some rough ideas I submitted, retaining 
the idea of superhero action, mixed with reading and learning!

Below two images: The above "running profile" pencil 
sketch was chosen, and I began work fleshing out the 
two main superhero stars! It was decided to make the 
female fighter the main star, so, into the spotlight she goes!

Below: Characters are put in place, but the pencil 
sketch still needs some fine-tuning!

Below: The final pencil sketch!

Below: The final inked piece, ready for colors!

Below: The fully-rendered card, complete with 
colors and text in place!

Below: The finished lending card (with key-chain fob-tag)! 
I'll see ya at the library! 

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