Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hey Hey! It's a Monkees Custom Guitar Neck Plate!

One of the oddest uses of my art has to be this one!

Super Monkees fan (as am I) Scott Murray was commissioned to create another one of his amazing custom Monkees-themed electric guitars, and approached me to ask if he could re-purpose my own Monkees artwork for a nifty neck plate for this new awesome ax!

Click below to view this amazing one-of-a-kind guitar, one I'm proud to be a part of!

Below: My original 1995 artwork!

Below two images: Scott's design for the guitar's rear neck 
plate, using the above artwork, re-formatted into the 
limited plate area!

Below four images: The printed and etched plates are ready 
to be attached to the guitar!

Below: The new custom guitar (bottom) seen with Scott's 
earlier color custom Monkees guitar (top)!

Below: The attached neck plate! This brass plate helps 
attach the neck to the body of the guitar!

Below: Even cool custom picks are created!

Below: New proud owner (Jodi Ritzen) poses next to the 
talented Scott Murray (holding his original custom ax)! 
Scott has also made other themed custom guitars such as 
a "Steve Jobs Apple guitar," and a George Harrison "Magical 
Mystery Tour" guitar! See them (and so much more) here
or at Scott's new site, over here!

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